Team Structure

The exploration team will be divided into two categories: Surface Team and In-Water Team.

The surface team will be responsible for supplying logistical support for the in-water team and are an essential component without whom the dives will not be possible. All the permanent support team members must carry current certification in the administration of emergency oxygen and first aid including CPR (TDI/SDI CPROX and CPR1st or equivalent.) The members of this team will take charge of all operations above water which will include but not be limited to: transportation of equipment and personnel to and from dive site; preparation of diving cylinders; preparation of surface supplied gases if required; operation of staging platform if required; diver logging and management; overall welfare of all team members above water; control of any and all emergency situations including injured diver, lost diver, injured surface team member. The surface team will have an Operations Manager and deputy, one of whom must be present during all diving operations. All other permanent support team members will be considered deputies to the Operations Manager for the duration of the project. Additionally, the surface team will include 2 certified cave divers, with full diving equipment and spare cylinders, on standby to fulfill any emergency diving requirements. Any such diving will be planned according to the circumstances.

The in-water team will be divided into two sub-teams: support divers and push divers. The job of support divers is to offer logistical and physical support for the push sub-team. This support may include staging of contingency gas along passages, collection of spent cylinders, monitoring push team members during staged decompression and helping with gear deployment for push team members.

The push team members have the task of exploring and surveying the flooded mines and conducting required tasks at depth (for example, taking water samples or photographs, etc at pre-designated intervals). They will also be charged with documenting the condition of the mine and any artifacts contained in its passages.

Both Support and Push team members will be exposing themselves to high risk in an unforgiving environment and may be several hundred metres from assistance when working. These people must be certified and active cave divers with experience diving cold water. They will also have experience running DPVs (underwater scooters) and be certified and experienced in the use of helium-based breathing gases. All support divers should be as capable as push divers. All dive operations must be cleared by signature on diver logs by both Operations Manager and Team Leader.