No Room at the Inn…we took it all

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Steve Lewis Tech Diver Training

We last stragglers packed up our gear, finished our post-dive battery of testing for DAN, and headed to the ferry… But the ferry wasn’t going anywhere tonight and eight of us (Rick, Sabine, Jill, Cas, Mark, Neal, Stefanie, and me), were on the other side of the Tickle from our street clothes, food, and beds.

Here’s a tip, pick the company you travel with carefully. Certainty in mind, only go on a dive expedition with folks who can see the funny side of being stranded on an island without any prospect of being fed, washed, and tucked into a warm bed for the night.

But as bleak as things seemed, the community on Bell Island, and in particular the owners of Grand Wabana Inn, came through once more… Opening their doors to us, and feeding us breakfast for supper.

Cas and Rick even managed to find toothpaste and brushes for us all… I’m getting mine framed as a reminder of a fun experience, if we ever make it back.

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