It’s a Wrap!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Steve LewisTech Diver Training

The Bell Island Project, #minequest, or at least the 2016 phase of it, has essentially wrapped with most of our expectations met. We set an ambitious list of goals and a couple of boxes remain unticked thanks to logistical, equipment, weather issues, but also simply being a victim of a short working schedule.

Overall, the outcome is truly positive. #OceanQuestAdventures #divebellisland and #bellislandmine have world-class potential if the mine is added the the #bellislandwrecks as an adventure dive destination.

I am looking forward to the time… In the near future… When I can bring students and other divers here for a really remarkable historic and cultural experience.

Royal Canadian Geographical Society Bell Island Mine Expedition
A proud Royal Canadian Geographical Society Expedition of the Year with fellows Rick Stanley, Jill Heinerth and Steve Lewis in the front row.

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