Award of Explorers Club Flag #80

Saturday, February 6, 2016

While our team awaits the arrival of the Explorers Club flag, we have received some history associated with it. This notice has arrived ahead of our precious cargo! It is wonderful that some good friends and colleagues have shared this flag in the past, most notably Tim Taylor with whom I have worked on another Explorers Club flagged expedition.


Award of Flag 80

Jill E. Heinerth,
FE ’10

Bell Island Newfoundland 

Revealing the Depths of Canadian Geography
February 10, 2016 to July 1, 2016

The Explorers Club Flag is a symbol of courage and fidelity. The award of the flag is a significant accomplishment. Since 1918, the flag has been carried to all of the Earth’s continents, as well as under the sea and into the stars. To date, 850 explorers have carried the flag on over 1450 expeditions. A select handful of the 222 Explorers Club flags have been framed and now decorate the Explorers Club in New York. These include flags carried by Roy Chapman Andrews, Bob Bartlett, Thor Heyerdahl, Naomi Uemura, and miniature flags carried aboard the Apollo 8 and Apollo 15.

Our expedition will now become part of the rich history attached to this flag. Earlier expeditions include:

Bradford Washburn – 1938          Mt. St. Agnes Alaska Expedition
Capt. Tim Taylor – 2007         Black Coral Forest: Hidden Reef Tract
Capt. Tim Taylor – 2007         Stromalites II
Peter C. Keller – 2007         Humboldt-Greelvink Bay Expedition
Roger Chao – 2008         Steppe by Steppe – Side By Side
Peter C. Keller – 2010       Exploring the Fringes of the Sepik
Robert J. Atwater – 2011          Yucatan Cave & Archaeological Recovery
Denise L. Herzing – 2011          Dolphins of the Northern Bahamas
Capt. Tim Taylor – 2011          R-12 Submarine Expedition
Tim Taylor & Christine Dennison – 2013          R-12 Submarine Expedition
Mikael Strandberg – 2015          KARLAG – Kazakhstan

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