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Sunday, January 17, 2016

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Bell island Mine Quest
The 2007 project put down approximately two kilometres of line shown in black.

One of the Bell Island Mine Quest team recently asked those of us who were part of the original expedition, how much of the network of passages is there left to explore… “Not the deep stuff running off for kilometers, but shallower stuff accessible to cave divers?”

Fair question and one that’s probably best illustrated by comparing the area we explored during our 2007 project, with a plan of the working area of the mine contained in the Bell Island Museum.

The “green map” shows the scope of our original exploration with the black lines representing gold line laid during our ten-day expedition.

The larger diagram below, shows that map overlaid on a partial map of the Bell Island Mine Workings that’s on display in the Bell Island Museum.

As you can see, the possibilities are almost limitless. For the record, the deepest 2007 dives went to approximately 55 metres / 178 feet, and lined approximately two kilometers (about 6,500 feet) of passages.

Bell Island Mine... size of explored area
What we’ve visited compared to what’s there…

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