Team Working Hard in Mine to Prepare for Cave Diving

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The team at Ocean Quest Adventures is hard at work preparing for the upcoming cave diving expedition that will establish safe guidelines and infrastructure for future visiting divers. An amazing group of volunteers is putting in lot of hard labor installing the following:
1/ Extending waterline by aprox 1000 feet for controlled water hose and electrical for lighting.
2/ Cleaning off 125 feet of mineshaft 4-6 feet wide for a walkway to staging area.
3/ Cleaning a 12×12 area for staging and benches along column pillar.
4/ Building benches and seats along pillar area or install HD picnic tables.
5/ Building and install 4x 24′ foot dock system so to have on dry slope going into water with
6 feet of water depth at end.
6/ Ramsetting 10 posts and 100 feet of rail starting from wood step landing area for rigid 100′
to staging area.
7/ Pressure wash all to have clean with no rust or mud in any of area.

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