Sancon Commissioning Supports Bell Island Historical Society

Thursday, January 28, 2016


The expedition team wants to sincerely thank Sancon Commissioning for assisting in our upcoming project in Bell Island. Not every expense can be anticipated, and when we realized that we needed some funding to support the assistance offered from the Bell Island Historic Society (BIHS), exploration diver Cas Dobbin requested help from his employer Sancon Commissioning. They are obviously as proud of Cas and his hard work as we are, because they did not hesitate to offer financial support to BIHS.

This project is made possible through the support and volunteer efforts of so many people. Some are out in front and others are quietly assisting from afar. It is sometimes difficult to mention all the people that have volunteered – all the people that sent some food or worked an extra shift so their partner could participate, all the people that swung a hammer or offered warm clothing for the team. We are grateful to everyone for building a great project that will celebrate the important contributions that Bell Island’s residents have made to Canadian culture and history.

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