Build it and They Will Come!

Sunday, January 17, 2016


The Bell Island volunteer brigade has been continuing the back breaking work of preparing the diving area for the expedition team. The staging area is about complete and floating dock is being measured and will be installed within the next couple weeks. Heavy Duty benches for different equipment configurations are complete. 12 huge picnic tables have been installed for briefings. The boardwalk over the wet area is nearing completion. The stairway has been adjusted to walk over pipes. We’re getting close!

This area where divers enter the water is called cross section 23 on Pipe Shaft and our staging area/benches is on pillar 22. The picnic table will in the Room on cross section 22.

“Build it and they will come” :-)



volunteers prepare surface staging area in Bell Island Mine

“And I would like to thank…”

Steve LewisTech Diver Training

In case you ever have to juggle “leadership”aspects of an underwater enterprise with many moving parts, and a whole bunch of so-called key personnel, each accomplished in their field. Here’s a secret tip to getting it off to a good start.

First and foremost, hope for quality support from the folks who really matter… the ones who do all the prep work for nothing more than the camaraderie, and a sandwich.

With that in place, the rest is a breeze.

As Jill Heinerth and I sit in the warm, coffee in hand, drawing up the framework of Mine Quest’s SOPs, a team of Golf cart for carrying supplies to water's edgefolks are working in the cool and damp putting the finishing touches to surface infrastructure in the mine. And from the pictures we seen, they have far exceeded expectations. I cannot imagine a better way to start a project, than to have these folks getting things ready for us.

Of course, it’s not all about Mine Quest. One of the project goals is to finally open Bell Island Mine as an adventure dive tourism destination, to complement and enhance the attraction of the four historic WWII shipwrecks resting a few hundred metres away on the bottom of Conception Bay South.

To be successful on that score, several pieces have to fit perfectly in place when we “go live” on February 15. However, thanks to the work of our support team, Bell Island Mine is starting to look like a really top-knotch dive destination!

Many thanks to all… but special gratitude to the folks wielding pickaxes, shovels, hammers and saws :

Ros Hurley, Jack Wood, Marcia and Mark McGowan, John Olivero, Nick Dawe, Kyle Morgan, Teresita and Des McCarthy, Ron Reid, and Bonnie and Tom Spracklin, Cecil Johnson, Holly Green, Debbie and Jillian Stanley, and others.

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